I’m very busy with prject on my main job in GMS. I’m giving to it the most of my time. I’m happy with my job and I’m proud to have it. I can work with some other projects on weekends or in my free time, but it depend of many reasons, if I will take it or not. Most important, project must be interested. Since I’m studying on Psycology course, I want to have more practice in this field. Here you can see services I provide.


  • Website design and development – from 40 USD
  • Logo – from 10 USD
  • Software development on C#, PHP, Go, Bach, Delphi – from 20 USD
  • Distance technical support – from 10 USD


  • Re-write, copywrite – from 2 USD per 1000 symbols
  • Translation (from Russian to English and back) – from 3 USD per 1000 symbold
  • Content management – from 100 USD per site per month
  • Text editing – from 2 USD


  • English course
  • Computer course
  • Russian language course


  • Individual session – from 2 USD per hour


  • Rites – for free
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