Works and life

People asking me – when do you have a time to do all of these things in your portfolio. There really many fields I’m working in. I’m a priest, a web developer, psychologist, teacher of computer science and writer. So, I can tell you the secret.

I’m working every business day not less than 6 hours in IT field. It’s including servers administration, websites design and development, software development and monitoring SEO.

At least 2 hours a day I’m studying. It’s can be something new in IT, or something new in psychology, or any other field I’m interesting it. Since I enrolled to psychology course, I preoritise it for now.

Sometimes I’m doing something for church, because I’m a superintendent of International Church District, and I’m working with education, sites and requests. At least 30 minutes I’m reading Bible everyday as a habit.

On Saturdays I’m resting, trying to go to sea or make the day really interesting with my wife and family. I guess, it’s only one my day rest for whole week. And not all the time it’s even happening. Sometimes I also can be busy even in Saturday.

Sunday is a church day. I’m praying or calling Mass, working with church needs. Of course, it’s can be also not every week, depend of the situation.

As a writer I have something to write as a webriter on working days, if needed. As free writer I’m working on some poems and novels when I feeling I want to do it.

As a teacher I’m not working for now at all, for a few years already, but I have awards and interest to continue this carrier in future. I have a project for it, but no time to make it until it’s can be working. Maybe on vacation which I didn’t have for a few years.

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