HTTPS using LetsEncrypt!

SSL certificates became a really famous after Google and other search engines start to give priority to website which using it. Shortly, SSL making website to use secured protocol HTTPS instead of HTTP. Secured connection assuring that end-user receiving crypted data from the website, and there are less possibilities to share the data with hackers.

Some SSL certificates what is required for trusted connection are really costly. Free or self-signed certificates usually untrusted. But now there are available Let’s Encrypt service which giving SSL certificates for free for a three months, and they are trusted!

Let’s Encrypt service has it’s own bot for to install certificates on a server in easy way. And Admin panels of hosting also has this function for now. Even Vesta CP! But we are interested to use the bot for a server on Ubuntu. So, let’s start!

Let’s get the bot:

# wget

Then let’s setup it:

# chmod a+x certbot-auto
# ./certbot-auto –apache

After installation of all required packages, the bot will list all domains which is available for SSL activation. Next time you want to install SSL certificate, just use the command:

# ./certbot-auto –apache

For to renew certificates after 3 months, use this:

# ./certbot-auto renew

That’s it! Enjoy the safety!

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