Since the time I learned to read, I liked rhymes. I was looking for it everywhere. In any text I read I put more attention to a method of writening than plot. And can make easy rhyme for any word of phrase. My first big poem I wrote at the age of 10.

In high school I did established secret literary club which joined some of my classmates and friends. We met in special hidden place in school leisure time, read our poems one by one and plan events of the club. This society was a start of public literary club which was established by literature teacher, but it was no more so romantic and interesting, so it was gone fast.

Together with poems I compose prose, and public it in online resources. Few times I was published in some newspapers with my poems. Once I was invited to a radiostation to read poems and tell about my work as a teacher.

Since 2009 I joined official literary club “Columbus” in my hometown in Russia and for a long time was a part of this warm and understanding family where I was happy to read my poems and prose.

Since 2013 I making articles as a web writer – copy writer and re-writer.





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