To be a teacher was one of my interests since childhood. And since I was interested in computer science, I was looking for a position in this field. Unfortunetelly, to find a job when you are still student is very hard. I went to few interviews but nothing I got at first.

Then I ent to the school I graduated and speak with principal. She got a position of psychologist for me first, then I also had part-time as her secretary and chemical laboratory assistant. Together with it I had few hour per week as a teacher, and I was very happy.

After a year of job like that I was invited to work in a school of advance education and became senior teacher there. I was working there for few years and improve my qualification on special courses and passing licensure exams.

Together with this carrier I had few hours a week in different schools and a college to have some bigger salary. Unfortunatelly, salary of a teacher in Russia is too small. I was a teacher of labor (technology teacher), drawing teacher (major in blueprints), programming (Major in HTML, CSS, Pascal, Delphi, PHP, SQL) and English teacher.

My last working experience in education was in 2012 in a computer science camp as a teacher of programming. And since that time I fully transfer to the field of software development and later on transfer outside of Russia. Anyway, I miss to be a teacher very much! Because of it I started project of Online school.

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