My first computer was ZX Spectrum. My father bought it when I was just 5 years old. And my siblings usually playing on it. But for me was more interesting to watch as my brother developed software on Basic language for his school projects. I got interested in the work of a computer, in codes. At the age of 10 I started to learn programming on Basic language and since that time started to develop my software.

Next step for me was learning Pascal language in senior high school. For 2 years I learn it and after classes was spending time with old computer in laboratory to learn Pascal more and take more practice. At age 16 my brother gift me my own PC so I continued development on Pascal and then Delphi after high school.

Since 19 I started to work as a teacher of computer science. And enrolled to programming course where studied for 2 years. Together with it and after it I also took a lot of short cources and also improve my knowledge by self-learning other languages and technologies. I worked as a part-timer in few organizations as developer, system administrator and information security specialist.

Since 2006 I learned web development and later on developed my first CMS – Surix-CMS. Together with it I founded small web-design studio. After few years I was invited to work as a developer and grown to IT manager. Big part of my life I gave to the Surix project and one year I was hired as CEO in Dayvin LLC.

After Neko-Art-Line was closed, I renew and re-open it in 2014, working with old and new clients of the web-studio from Philippines and being IT-manager. At the same time I founded studio Eerla with my brother and other partners, and Virall studio as a local web-desing single proprietoship in my hometime in Russia.

Within few years of web-development carrier I improved my CMS Surix-CMS and Just-CMS and developed CRM system. Also, I learned NetCat CMS, UMI.CMS and 1C-Bitrix CMS. Together with it I got huge experience with hosting-related services, system administration and information security.

Since 2016 I working in Israelian company Genesis Marketing Solutions as R&D manager. Sometimes I do consulting for my nephew in management of Eerla and Virall studios and working on some projects with these companies.

Since 2019 I learning GoLang and already done few projects using this language.

Certificates and diplomas


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